ADHD Lullaby™ Music – The bedtime story that became a Lullaby

My name is Bryan Wisda. In 2014 I decided to sell my financial planning practice to become a Deputy Sheriff, my dream job. Then in 2016, while conducting a traffic stop on a suspected DUI motorist I was shot in the line of duty. My wife suggested I learn to play the guitar while I was recovering rather play videos games all day for several months. I started playing the guitar and took some lessons and was hooked. Since I have been an obsessive student of the guitar and music theory.

Our oldest son, Cale, who is now 11 has ADHD. Each morning he takes a stimulant medication to help him with his ADHD and get him through the day successfully. The medication he takes is nothing like the medications kids in the 1980s and 1990s took for ADHD which turned them into zombies. The medication uses a time release and it works phenomenally well — he is a happy boy and successful student.

A side effect of this stimulant medication causes Cale, and millions of other children who use these medications, to have trouble getting to sleep at night. This is caused by a homeostasis imbalance in their body as a result of taking the medication (read my Blog post on why this occurs here).

Because Cale has a hard time getting to sleep at night and will get out of bed every chance he has (sip of water, snack, play legos, etc.) my wife or I would stay in his room until he fell asleep. It was not uncommon for this to be a 1, 2, or 3 hour event every night!

During some of the nights I would stay in Cale’s room waiting for him to fall asleep I took in my guitar and played the guitar for him. I would play basic songs like Brahm’s Lullaby as well as practice scale patterns. In time I noticed a unique phenomenon — Cale would fall asleep faster when I played random notes in those scale patterns (not straight up and down the scale but jumping around if you will) versus when I played a song. This was the start of ADHD Lullaby™ Music.

After noticing Cale would fall asleep faster to random notes (in the same key) I started doing research to understand why this worked. I read countless scientific journals in the fields of Audiology, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, and Psychiatry related to sleep and children with ADHD.

By early summer 2018, just 2 years after being shot and beginning to play the guitar, I had perfected a method of recording music using principles from neuroscience which helped put Cale to sleep fast. I shared these initial recordings with some friends who also had children with ADHD who reported back to me similar results with their children. By the end of the summer of 2018 I was committed to publishing an album parents of ADHD children could use to help their children fall asleep.

Cale’s Lullaby, the first song I perfected for Cale to help him sleep, I released in November 2018 and the full album ADHD Lullaby™ Music was released in February 2019. The album is available worldwide on all digital music platforms and available for purchase as a physical CD through this website,, and CD Baby. International orders for physical CDs can be purchased through this website or CD Baby.


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