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#1 New Release in Children’s Lullabies on Amazon

Early tonight I found out ADHD Lullaby™ has become the #1 New Release in the Children’s Lullabies category on Amazon.

This is very big news for ADHD Lullaby™ as it goes to show this album is very effective at helping children with ADHD who struggle with sleep.  It also shows that parents are sharing the story of the album and its effectiveness with other parents.  There is not some huge Hollywood or Nashville record label standing behind ADHD Lullaby™ pumping money into marketing.  The vast majority of parents who discover this album will hear about it from another parent.

It is such an amazing event when a child with ADHD who struggles with sleep finally starts getting the sleep they need.  The benefits are countless …health, happiness, attitude, etc.  It also helps us as parents.  We get to spend some additional time in the evening relaxing and spending time with our spouse or significant other.  This is crucial time for us as parents and gaining a portion of your evening back when an ADHD child falls asleep fast is nothing short of miraculous.

Again, thank you to everyone who has purchased or streamed the album.  I am glad to know it is helping your child get to sleep faster.  And thank you for sharing the story of this album with other parents.

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