Help Your Kids Learn Healthy Behaviors by Modeling Them Yourself

*** THIS IS A GUES POST WRITTEN BY AMANDA HENDERSON FROM SAFECHILDREN.INFO *** Are your kids junk-food junkies or excellent eaters? Are they active or couch potatoes? Likely, they fall somewhere in between, and that’s okay. But we all want to help our kids learn how to be healthy adults, and sometimes, that just takes a little extra work on our part. Your kids’ good choices begin with you, and a little practical modeling can go a long way towards positive results. Bryan Wisda & ADHD Lullaby wants your family to be healthy and happy, so let's look at some tips to help your family flourish. Start teaching When you teach your children how to cook and how to plan meals,...

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Bryan Wisda releases cover of Hey Jude

On Friday, July 31, 2020, I released an instrumental cover of the iconic song Hey Jude by The Beatles.When I first started out to record this song I wasn't thinking about recording a cover of Hey Jude at all.  My goal was to record a song to help the listener with ADHD focus or concentrate.   To accomplish this I needed to record a song slightly divergent from ADHD Lullaby which was recorded specifically to help children ages 6-13 fall asleep faster.  ADHD Lullaby works by combining rhythmic and non-rhythmic (random) elements with 3 very specific frequencies used in neuroscience; the combination of this overloads the ADHD mind's ability to process information and thus allows the body to relax and fall...

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Shooting Blanks Podcast Interview

In the fall of 2019, I was interviewed by my dear friend Ed.  Ed is an interesting character having spent as a young man working for some secret government agency; he won't even tell me which agency he worked for he's so secretive about it.Ed is quite comical.  He runs a promotion company and has dubbed himself The Tactical Plus Sized Model.  He also runs a podcast on Spotify which he calls Shooting Blanks.During my interview, Ed and I discuss the fateful night I was shot in the line of duty and how that singular event led to me releasing ADHD Lullaby.  It's a great interview.  You'll learn a lot about me personally and enjoy learning more about the discovery...

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