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Bryan Wisda releases cover of Hey Jude

On Friday, July 31, 2020, I released an instrumental cover of the iconic song Hey Jude by The Beatles.

When I first started out to record this song I wasn't thinking about recording a cover of Hey Jude at all.  My goal was to record a song to help the listener with ADHD focus or concentrate.  

To accomplish this I needed to record a song slightly divergent from ADHD Lullaby which was recorded specifically to help children ages 6-13 fall asleep faster.  ADHD Lullaby works by combining rhythmic and non-rhythmic (random) elements with 3 very specific frequencies used in neuroscience; the combination of this overloads the ADHD mind's ability to process information and thus allows the body to relax and fall asleep.

With Hey Jude the focus of the song however is to allow the listener to focus and as such the utilization of non-rhythmic (random) elements was not appropriate.  Instead I wanted to record a song that was both engaging and forgettable.  So I choose Hey Jude because it is one of the most recognizable songs of all time -- the first 2 notes give the song away.  Additionally, Hey Jude has a driving rhythm with sweet melodic components.  This coupled with several specific frequencies used in neuroscience which help people concentrate creates a wonderful song capable of helping people with ADHD of all ages focus or concentrate.

It is a great song to be added to a homework playlist, office work playlist, or any playlist one would listen to while they are doing any type of work.  I would not add it to a playlist to you listen to while reading or studying information.

The song is available on all music streaming services worldwide.  To listen to the song on your favorite music platform go to:

I also, with the help of a very close friend, released an Official Music Video to coincide with my release of Hey Jude.  To watch the music video go to:  

I hope you enjoy my version of Hey Jude.

All the best,
Bryan Wisda

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