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Create an ADHD Support Network

When my wife and I were first trying to figure out why our son was different we didn’t know who to turn to for help.  Obviously we went to doctors for help and ultimately figured out our son had ADHD but we didn’t have a ADHD Support Network of other parents we could call and ask questions.

The old saying of “it takes a village to raise a child” is so incredibly true.  This is especially true if you child has ADHD.

Unfortunately when we first learned our child had ADHD we were skeptical about telling other parents.  Not because we were ashamed by our son, but rather we didn’t want our son to be treated differently.  We quietly told the school our son has ADHD and sat down with his teachers but we didn’t blurt out to the world he has ADHD.  However, we really didn’t share with the world he has ADHD until the news vans pulled up to our house to interview us for the ADHD Lullaby™ album release in February 2019.  It took us at least 4 years to tell people outside our close friends and family.  What we should have done is created an ADHD support network by telling our friends our son has ADHD.  Outside of 1 or 2 people we met along the way we were pretty quiet about it.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”  One parent recently wrote me on Instagram saying, “I don’t really have any other parents that I can go to for advice…”  This is a woman who purchased a copy of ADHD Lullaby to help her son sleep and subsequently asked me, a parent she has never met in person, for advice.  I am not faulting her in the slightest for asking me questions.  I understand her consternation.

Fortunately there are a lot of resources out there for parents of ADHD children.  There are blogs like, Mothering the Storm, we can read for insight.  Facebook has hundreds, if not thousands, of ADHD Support Network groups we can join for free.  Instagram has some phenomenal people on it who will do just about anything to help you succeed; one of my personal favorites is @CrushingADHD.  ADHD Coaches are in just about every major city in the United States — all you have to do is type ADHD Coach into Google.  At the end of the day nothing beats finding a few parents, whether they are friends of yours or not, who have ADHD kids older than yours who you can call for advice.  We as parents have to ask for help.  We have to create our own ADHD support network.

That all said, if you are parent to an ADHD child and you do not have an ADHD support network can turn to please send me an email.  I will respond and help you.

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