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Does ADHD Lullaby work for Adults?

ADHD Lullaby™ is a unique album which uses neuroscience to help kids with ADHD fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.  But does ADHD Lullaby work adults with ADHD?  This is probably the most common question I receive about the album.

The short answer is, it is not intended to work for adults.  ADHD Lullaby is intended for children ages six to thirteen.

The reason why stems from average sleep heart rates.  The average sleeping heart rate for kids age 6-11 and out to 13 is 75.6 beats per minute.  Where as the average sleeping heart rate of an post-puberty adult is approximately 60 beats per minute.  The music in ADHD Lullaby is designed to help bring the homeostasis of the child down to sleeping levels.  Bringing an adult’s heart rate down to the 76 beats per minute is likely to have little effect on their ability to sleep because this heart rate is likely faster than their sleeping homeostasis.

When asked, does ADHD Lullaby work for adults I usually answer that the adult listener will only likely find the music relaxing.  That said however, I have had more than a few adults send me reviews and messages saying it worked great for them.  Others have said it only zoned them out but didn’t lull them to sleep.  I guess the answer to the question, does ADHD Lullaby work for adults, is it depends.

My hope is to release an adult version of ADHD Lullaby late in 2019 or early 2020.  If you you are interested in the adult version please follow me on social media and/or subscribe to the email newsletter.

To purchase a copy of the children’s version (current version) of ADHD Lullaby click here!

UPDATE March 15, 2020:  Over the past year, I have received numerous reviews from adults who are successfully using ADHD Lullaby to help them get to sleep.  While the album was created specifically for a certain age group of children with ADHD many others are experiencing awesome results.  The best advice I can give you is TRY IT.

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