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Parents Love ADHD Lullaby

ADHD Lullaby was released on February 15, 2019 worldwide.  In just under a month thousands of parents have used the album to help their ADHD child get to sleep faster.  The album has been streamed thousands of times.  Amazon has even rated ADHD Lullaby the #1 New Release in Children’s Lullabies.  Resoundingly, parents love ADHD Lullaby!

In this short period of time nearly 100 parents, from all over the world, have provided feedback.  They have posted on social media, posted on Amazon, posted on iTunes, sent me direct messages, and sent emails.  Almost every review has been positive.  Parents are reporting their children are getting to sleep faster.  Even adults are using the album to help them relax, fall asleep, and even focus.  The only negative review I’ve received so far has attributed the album not working to a power struggle on the part of the child not wanting to go to sleep.

One of my favorite reviews came from Taylor Waltrip as an Amazon review.  She said, “We’ve been using ADHD Lullaby for 3 weeks and we’ve only had 1 hard night.  I’d say that’s a win in my mom book!

I’ll say it again, parents love ADHD Lullaby!  Why?  Because their children are getting the sleep they need and parents are getting their evenings back.  It is such a relief when your child starts going to sleep quickly.  I know.  My wife and I would spend hours trying to get Cale to sleep.  I hope every parent who tries ADHD Lullaby has the results we did and so many parents are reporting back to me.  I know this is not a miracle for every child as much as I want it to be.  Nonetheless, it is amazing to hear the rate of success the album is having.

I appreciate every parent who has sent feedback!  ADHD Lullaby does not have the backing of a major record label like Sony or Columbia Records.  When parents share the story of ADHD Lullaby and the success they are having with the album it goes a long way in helping to spread the word.

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