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One of the challenges of dedicating time to making music for the ADHD community is finding the time to write, record, and produce new music.  Because I don't have a huge record label behind me a lot of my time (and the revenue produced by my music) goes into marketing ADHD Lullaby and the rest of my music.  

To combat this challenge I have decided to create a Patreon page.   Patreon is a website which facilitates fans/supporters assisting creators and in return the supporters get some pretty cool perks.  With a large enough base of supporters the creator is then freed from some of the financial constraints of needing to continually bring in new revenue to sustain themselves.

More than just creating a conduit to support a creator, Patreon has made it very easy for the creator to create a community and offer value to his/her supporters.  

In launching my Patreon page I wanted to offer a simple way for people passionate about the ADHD community to support me.  Subsequently, I set up a base tier of a $1 monthly subscription in return for which you’ll have access to all my music both released and unreleased in a digital format plus private Live Stream events.  I added some more tiers with some more perks too including the ability to musically collaborate on a song with me.

Thank you in advance for supporting me.  I absolutely love creating music for the ADHD community and your support allows me to focus more of my time and energy on exactly that.

God Bless,
Bryan Wisda

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