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What do you hoard?

What do you hoard?

I read a lot of #ADHD research articles and I try to share the ones that I think are decent. This article is not only not decent but just fails to understand ADHD and it is apparently written by a journalist who was given an assignment and they wrote words just to write words.

In my opinion (based on some experience), those with ADHD hoard because we say to ourselves "I'll just set this over here because I definitely want to give this item the attention it deserves but I can't right this minute." We then set the item aside and in reality only come back to 1 out of every hundred or so things we set aside.

We can be hoarders of things or we can be hoarders of information. I tend to be a hoarder of information... I have 8 various email addresses all full of tidbits of cool stuff that I want to learn more about, use in business, share with people, etc. and I hold on to those things for ever it seems like. I also have an Evernote and Dropbox account full of stuff I will likely never read and whenever I take the time to start to go through it to pull stuff out I get distracted by other things.
Many years ago I read the book Getting Things Done which changed my life. I used to have a file system which really worked for me (more than a day planner) and found that a day planner supported the file system really well. I have now gone to a digital file system which I like a lot and is very portable but I found I was more efficient with a physical file system.

The file system helped me reduce my information hoarding a lot and I feel as though I am pretty efficient at accomplishing tasks but I still hold onto more information than I should.

Maybe I'll make a video about my file system and how it works one day....

What do you hoard? What does your child with ADHD hoard? What are your best approaches to do stop the hoarding?

By the way, here is the article on ADHD and Hoarding I read:

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