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  • Will ADHD Lullaby™ work for adults?

    The sleeping heart rate of a child (approx. 76 beats per minute for a child 6-13) is much faster than an adult’s (approx. 60 beats per minute). A key factor in the music’s efficacy is its assimilation to the child listener’s average sleep heart rate. That said, the efficacy for an adult in terms of helping them go to sleep has not been studied/evaluated. Adults will only likely find the music contained in the album relaxing. Don’t worry though there are plans to record and release an adult version of ADHD Lullaby™ in the very near future (My new EP Down Time was recorded specifically for adults). That all said, there are PLENTY of adults using ADHD Lullaby to fall asleep with great success. So, give it a try.

  • Why is ADHD Lullaby™ so effective at helping ADHD kids fall asleep?

    For years people, not just children with ADHD, have been listening to music to help them sleep. Search the internet and you’ll find an array of journalists and bloggers with a top 10 list for songs to help you sleep. On a more serious note, academics in the fields of neuroscience, psychiatry, audiology, music therapy, and occupational therapy has been studying the effects of music and sound on the body and brain for decades. What the academics have identified is the functional utilization of sound, not music, on the human body and brain. Unfortunately functional sound is more often than not boring, annoying, or irritating. One such example of functional sound is Pink Noise. Different from White Noise, Pink Noise is proven to help you sleep but listening to it until your mind adjusts to it is downright annoying. Being a parent of an overly sensitive, and anxious, child with ADHD I can tell you from experience he would not listen to the functional sound academia has identified as effective. Where ADHD Lullaby™ is different is takes the functional sound from academia and embeds it within music and ADHD child will listen to.

  • Can you tell me more about the science behind ADHD Lullaby™?

    ADHD Lullaby™ has a pending patent application on file with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A patent application was filed as the method which ADHD Lullaby™ uses to record the songs is unique and not obvious, That said until the patent is approved by the USPTO what I can disclose publicly is limited. What I can tell you is ADHD Lullaby™ is specifically designed for children with ADHD in that the music works to trick the mind and keep the ADHD child listening to the music rather than dismissing it. Embedded in the music are specific frequencies based on neuroscientific research and known help the listener relax and fall asleep. Because the music is hard to dismiss the mind will focus more intently on it and thus ‘receive’ the embedded functional sound more efficiently.

  • In the instructions you suggest my child wear headphones, does it make a difference if they wear headphones or not?

    Yes and no. If the child will wear headphones great. If they won’t, like my son, then do the next best thing and set up speakers in a stereo pair on opposite sides of the bed. The functional sound embedded within the music is most effective if it can be isolated into the proper ear as the frequencies in the left are different from the right. Additionally, from a musical perspective certain elements of the music are panned to either the left or right and it will sound more pleasing to the ear. That all said, my son listens to the music on a single (mono) speaker and it works great so please don’t spend hundreds of dollars on high end headphones or a speaker system.

  • Are there any headphones or speakers that work better or worse than another?

    YES. I am not going to mention brand names of those that I don’t recommend though. Certain popular expensive headphones and bluetooth speaker systems are known to add bass to the music. Avoid these. Doing this distorts (changes) the music and embedded frequencies and functional sounds within ADHD Lullaby™ and potentially reduces its efficacy. Any professional studio headphone, which has a ‘flat response,’ will work great if your child will wear headphones. Professional headphones do not necessarily cost a lot of money — there are phenomenal headphones made by Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure, and AKG which cost $100 or less and are light years better than the more expensive popular headphones. For stereo speakers I recommend professional studio monitor speakers which cost as much or less than popular speakers. Professional headphones and/or speakers can be found at GuitarCenter, Sam Ash, or online through Sweetwater.  In Cale's room, I am currently using a Sonos One speaker -- these are great speakers and are 'tuned' to the room.
  • I am interested in buying ADHD Lullaby, where can I buy a physical CD of the album?

    Physical CDs can be ordered through this website and shipped worldwide by clicking on the BUY button at the top or bottom of the page. Additionally, you can purchase physical CDs online through CD Baby and CD Baby ships worldwide. Additionally, ADHD Lullaby™ compact discs are distributed worldwide to retail stores and other internet retailers by Alliance Entertainment. Retail stores can also make wholesale purchases of the album through ADHD Lullaby™’s record label Zezz Music Ltd.  If you live outside the USA, physical CDs purchased through this website are shipped for a flat $8 shipping surcharge; please allow 30 days for delivery on all international orders.  Shipping of physical CDs purcahsed through this website ship for free within the USA and its territories.

  • Where can I buy a digital download of the album ADHD Lullaby™?

    Digital downloads of the album are available through iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, and CD Baby.  

  • Which digital music services offer streaming of ADHD Lullaby™?

    ADHD Lullaby™ is available for streaming on more than 250 digital music services worldwide. The most popular services are Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud, Napster, AWA (Japan), Yandex (Russia), Claro Musica (Latin America), Anghami (Middle East + North Africa), Saavn (India), KKBox (Asia), and NetEase (China).  New digital music providers become available all the time.
  • How much does shipping cost?

    Compact Disc’s purchased through ADHD Lullaby™ ship free within the United States and Territories via USPS First Class Mail. Internationally, compact disc’s purchased through ADHD Lullaby™ ship via USPS International First Class Mail for a flat rate of $8. If purchasing through ADHD Lullaby™ internationally and you wish to purchase more than 1 compact disc please use the contact us form to inquire about discounted shipping. Compact discs purchased through CD Baby, Amazon, or other internet retailer are subject to their shipping rates and terms.

  • Do you accept returns?

    YES.  We will accept returns of compact discs for any reason within 30 days of delivery if purchased through this website. You must mail the compact disc back to ADHD Lullaby™.  We will not refund any shipping charges and may request you pay a $3 to cover our shipping costs.  We will not refund purchases of digital downloads of the album.  Purchases made through other retailers or digital music services are subject to their return policies.

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