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ADHD Lullaby™ Music was originally created to help children with ADHD, fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.  It was created by a Dad for his son with ADHD who takes a stimulant ADHD medication and has a hard time getting to sleep at night.


“Magic happens when there is motivation that truly comes from the heart.  ADHD Lullaby™ is magic — created by a dad who struggled nightly to get his ADHD son to sleep.  The science and thought process behind this album is one of the most unique, natural, and cost-effective solutions to battling sleep struggles in children with ADHD.  It is one of the best ADHD products I’ve come across in my professional career. ADHD Lullaby™ will change millions of lives.”

– Dr. Edward Hallowell, M.D., M.Ed
bestselling author of Driven to Distraction

fall asleep faster,
                      stay asleep


Not just calming music but a functional use of sound.

ADHD Lullaby™ Music uses a patent pending method of recording music based upon principles from Neuroscience to specifically help those with ADHD fall asleep easier and stay asleep through the night.

Everything about this music is on purpose.

The order of the songs on the album, the use of musical tension, the song’s key (or root note), each song’s tempo, moods, as well as both rhythmic and non-rhythmic components all serve a specific purpose.  The music is designed, and recorded, with the single purpose of helping the listener with sleep.

ADHD Lullaby
ADHD Lullaby, Vol. 2: Soothing Sleep

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