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Shooting Blanks Podcast Interview

In the fall of 2019, I was interviewed by my dear friend Ed.  Ed is an interesting character having spent as a young man working for some secret government agency; he won't even tell me which agency he worked for he's so secretive about it.Ed is quite comical.  He runs a promotion company and has dubbed himself The Tactical Plus Sized Model.  He also runs a podcast on Spotify which he calls Shooting Blanks.During my interview, Ed and I discuss the fateful night I was shot in the line of duty and how that singular event led to me releasing ADHD Lullaby.  It's a great interview.  You'll learn a lot about me personally and enjoy learning more about the discovery...

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39 Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD

I posted on Facebook the following question, “WHAT IS THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED FROM ANOTHER PARENT OF A CHILD WITH ADHD?”  Below are the 39 Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD I got from my Facebook Followers.  #37 is a phenomenal bit of advice for a child with ADHD.  #10 will blow your mind.  Here they are: 39 Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD Do NOT get emotionally involved when they are having a behavior issue. Walk away if they won’t. Set specific rules and boundaries and always follow thru with discipline and accountability. With schools…they usually push for grades because good grades = more money. Most important is your child’s mental health. Don’t...

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ADHD Lullaby rated a Billboard Magazine Top 10 Album for 2019

ADHD Lullaby a Billboard Magazine Top 10 Album for 2019 It has been an amazing year in 2019 for ADHD Lullaby™ and a little bit surreal at the same time. The album ADHD Lullaby was released February 15, 2019. Barely two weeks later the album became the Number 1 New Release on in the Children’s Lullaby category. Then in July 2019 the album debuted on the Billboard Charts in the New Age Album category. It remained on the Billboard Charts for 23 consecutive weeks in the New Age Album category. Today, December 24, 2019, Billboard Magazine released it’s 2019 Year End Charts. Both ADHD Lullaby and Bryan Wisda were rated on the year end charts. – ADHD Lullaby a...

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ADHD Lullaby debuts on Billboard at #5

This past week, ADHD Lullaby™ debuts on the Billboard Charts at #5 in the New Age Genre the week of July 13, 2019.  This is very exciting news for me and all those who helped ADHD Lullaby™ become a reality.  This is a testament to how effective the album is in helping children with ADHD get to sleep at night and stay asleep through the night.  I truly feel as though this album is changing the lives of thousands of kids with ADHD.  This is apparent in reaching the Billboard Charts and the hundreds of testimonials the album has received since its release in February 2019. Making it onto the Billboard Charts for the first time is a huge accomplishment...

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277 Tips for the Parent of a Newly Diagnosed ADHD Child

Recently the mother of a newly diagnosed ADHD child send me a direct message on Facebook asking for help in answering her questions.  She told me she didn’t know who to turn to when she had questions.  Obviously I told her she could ask me questions whenever she wanted and I would do my best to help.  When she sent me this message it got me thinking.  From this thought I posted a simple question on a ADHD support group on Facebook and asked the question, “WHAT IS YOUR #1 TIP FOR A PARENT OF A NEWLY DIAGNOSED ADHD CHILD?” Below are 277 responses from actual parents of ADHD children.  Some of the responses will make you laugh while others...

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