Supporting your ADHD Student at Home

A discussion of how to help your ADHD student be successful at school by helping them at home. Guest Post by:  Lindsay Bohlinger ( Does the thought of sitting down with your ADHD student to do homework give you a pit in your stomach? It’s totally normal to feel that way because your student is unique and it can be difficult to know where to start and how to support your child’s unique learning needs. Just like every child, we want to make sure are able to help them feel successful in their school work at home while still remaining in a loving, supportive parent role. It’s a daunting task to feel like you are parenting well and helping your child...

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Does ADHD Lullaby work for Adults?

ADHD Lullaby™ is a unique album which uses neuroscience to help kids with ADHD fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.  But does ADHD Lullaby work adults with ADHD?  This is probably the most common question I receive about the album. The short answer is, it is not intended to work for adults.  ADHD Lullaby is intended for children ages six to thirteen. The reason why stems from average sleep heart rates.  The average sleeping heart rate for kids age 6-11 and out to 13 is 75.6 beats per minute.  Where as the average sleeping heart rate of an post-puberty adult is approximately 60 beats per minute.  The music in ADHD Lullaby is designed to help bring the homeostasis...

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